Much of the activity in San Antonio's technology sector this year could be dominated by companies involved in biomedical technologies, Texas Research and Technology Foundation President York Duncan said.

Nearly all the startup companies in the portfolio managed by The Texas Technology Development Center, known as T3DC, and the Texas Research and Technology Foundation are in health care.

And among those T3DC portfolio companies, Duncan said these three are ones to watch in 2015:

  • Bluegrass Vascular Technologies is developing a special catheter system that enables physicians to gain venous access to a patient using a novel approach. The company moved from Kentucky to San Antonio last year after closing on $4.5 million in funding and then hired Dr. Gabriele Niederauer, a seasoned senior medical device executive, as its president and CEO.
  • Cardiovate has a patent and technology licensing agreement with the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio that will allow the company to continue research and product development for its innovative graft technology. While doing her doctoral research at the Health Science Center, company founder and President Jordan Kaufmann came up with the idea for a cardiovascular stent-graph made with biodegradable materials that is designed to help prevent aneurysm leakage after heart surgery.
  • Texas Human Biologics, formerly known as Transplant Technologies of Texas, will continue to operate in San Antonio after being bought this past year by Globus Medical Inc. The company supplies human tissue products for the spine, orthopedics, sports medicine, dental and wound-care markets. Since the company was founded in 1993, it has helped surgeons perform more than 600,000 successful implantations.

With more than 110,000 people in San Antonio working in the medical sector — about one of every seven people employed — it is clearly going to have the most activity locally even as cybersecurity continues to gain national prominence, Duncan said. Companies that are developing new drugs and medical treatments or inventing new medical devices are hot properties today and will continue to be so in the near future, he said.

"2015 will be a good year for this sector," Duncan said. "We will see it continue to grow and expand. A lot of people think biomed is the next frontier, so it will continue to get a lot of focus from investors."


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